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Evan Dombroski: A Photographer with an Appreciation for the Environment

Evan Dombroski is a nature photographer currently residing in New York. Ever since he was a kid, he has always been interested in how nature works. He decided to pursue his love for the environment by choosing to work as a creative. In his years of documenting nature, Evan has developed skills in landscape, plant, urban, and wildlife photography.  While he appreciates straightforward images that exhibit the beauty of nature, his aesthetic involves showing an unfamiliar perspective that might lead viewers to look closer.  Evan uses techniques in pattern, abstract, drone, landscape, and adventure photography in his projects. 

Being a nature photographer can be challenging for those in the field.  For someone like Evan Dombroski who has been working as a photographer for many years, one needs passion, skill, and constant practice to succeed.  Instead of prioritizing buying equipment, the lensman suggests mastering the basics first before investing in tools.  According to Evan, shooting outdoors and in unfamiliar locations will inspire shutterbugs as they learn the ropes in taking images of nature.  He says that those who want to learn will find it nature photography an adventure worth pursuing.

Evan Dombroski has always been interested in the processes of nature and in taking care of the environment. Whether he is shooting wildlife, landscapes, or urban green spaces, his goal is to show an unfamiliar perspective that will encourage his audience to have a renewed appreciation for the world they live in.  Always generous with his talent, Evan aims to share the skills, tools, experiences, and tips he has learned in his many years of traveling. 

There are many types of nature photographers. When it comes to this kind of photography, one must be creative. While the usual nature shots show the beauty of nature upfront, a photographer can also choose to show a different angle or perspective. Evan Dombroski uses pattern and drone photography for some of his projects to show unusual sights found in nature. Adding an element of mystery will also draw viewers to the art. However, to create good photos, it would be beneficial to learn the best practices. Once a photographer has mastered the basics, they will have the freedom to experiment and be more creative with their projects. 

Photographers learn by example. Evan Dombroski looks forward to sharing his stories and skills with enthusiasts and fellow professionals. There’s just so much to discover in nature.  And there’s also so much to protect in the environment. Through his work, more than the technical skills and the colorful photos, Evan’s goal is to make others aware of their responsibility to take care of the world they live in.