Basic Techniques

Nature and Photography Blog

Evan Dombroski is a nature photographer currently based in New York. Through the years, he has covered nature and wildlife in different countries. Despite having experience in the wild, he now uses his skills to document urban wildlife and green spaces. Through his blogs and pages, he will share tips that will benefit newbie nature photographers.

Understanding Equipment

Before buying lens, filter, flash, and other photography equipment, Evan Dombroski says that a beginner should first focus on finding the right camera.  For those who want to learn nature photography, investing in a good DSLR camera will help them master skills and techniques faster. 

After finding the right camera, Evan Dombroski suggests finding the best lens next.  Photographers can choose a wide-angle, telephoto, or standard lens. For those who want to master landscape photography, wide-angle and telephoto lens are a good choice. For detailed shots of animals and plants, many photographers suggest learning how to use a telephoto lens to bring out certain details in the subject. Standard lens is also good to have in one’s kit as it usually shows what the eye could see. It’s also good for photographers to invest in a good tripod, filter, and flash that will enrich their shots. 

Maximize Natural Light

Learning how to use sunlight and moonlight in photos will undoubtedly add more emotion to an image.  It will also train photographers in mastering light temperature.  Instead of relying on artificial lighting, Evan Dombroski says that the best way to master this technical skill in photography is to go out in different hours of the day to see how the light changes and how it brings out certain details in a subject.

Play with Different Perspectives

While most newbie nature photographers take eye-level shots, Evan Dombroski challenges them to play with different angles. Taking photos from unusual angles will show different textures and even different parts that people won’t always notice. Instead of showing people what they already know, the photographer says that it would be nice to give viewers something to think about by capturing the subject from a different angle. For example, a framed or hidden perspective can add emotions to a common scene in nature.   

Keep a Safe Distance

One of the most important things that nature photographers should remember is to keep a safe distance when shooting animals. Getting too close might make them feel threatened.  For the animals and the photographer’s safety, it is better to respect the subject’s environment by not disrupting their routine.