Essential Gear to Bring When Taking Pictures in the Wild

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Essential Gear to Bring When Taking Pictures in the Wild

Nature photographer Evan Dombroski has dedicated his life to capturing the beauty of the natural world.  He has spent much time over the past decade in the great outdoors shooting all the wondrous things found in the wild.  And he recommends this endeavor to everyone.

However, Evan Dombroski mentions that a lot of preparation should be done before a nature shoot to ensure the best results, among other things. For this blog, he shares with readers a list of essential items that people should bring on their adventure.

The camera and camera gear

While on a nature shoot, Even Dombroski explains that having the top gear in a photographer’s arsenal is paramount. 

A DSLR camera should be the first item in mind, and it should be weather-sealed for protection from the elements.  Along with the camera are the lenses.  If photographers have top-of-the-line zoom lenses, that is what they should bring, especially if they hope to catch crisp images of wildlife in action. 

In addition to the camera and lenses, photographers shouldn’t forget their shutter release so they can take pictures of wildlife from a distance and not disturb these creatures in their natural habitat.  A tripod will also come in handy since a sturdy model will keep the camera steady and the image clear.

Finally, rounding out the camera gear essentials are the weatherproof bag for protection, additional memory cards for storage, and extra batteries to last the entire trip.

The other essentials

Evan Dombroski explains that the second set of things that a nature photographer should take on a nature shoot are things that hikers usually bring along, depending on their time outdoors. 

A sturdy backpack would make for a good container for all the essential things.  Of course, it needs to be weatherproofed and have all the space one needs for the other equipment.

Next to a backpack, nature photographers should have weatherproof clothing.  While nature is beautiful beyond compare, she is also extremely unpredictable.  Having a raincoat may be a good idea when shooting in places known to experience rainfall every so often.

Evan Dombroski also mentions the importance of having a first-aid kit at all times should the unthinkable happen, as well as food and drinking water.

Finally, like all modern-day hikers, nature photographers should never forget to bring a mobile phone which they can use in case of emergencies.

Evan Dombroski has a burning passion for nature photography. For more tips and other useful information on nature photography, check out this page.