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New York-based photographer Evan Dombroski wants to share the unnoticed beauty of nature with others through this blog. Though there are many images depicting nature, the photographer says that there will always be something new to discover. Now, more than ever, people need to be aware of what’s happening in the environment. On the one hand, climate change, natural disasters, and human destruction can greatly affect complex ecosystems that can harm various species.  On the other hand, many people join activities to revive their environment through conservation efforts, home gardening, urban green spaces, and other projects. Through his work, Evan Dombroski’s goal is to show others the positive and negative occurrences in their environment. He encourages photographers of various levels to find beauty even in simple scenes of nature that they find near them.  

The professional photographer is making this page a space where others can better appreciate not just photography but also the wonders of nature. As someone who has seen incredible wildlife, forests, and other natural resources from all around the world, Evan Dombroski encourages nature and photography enthusiasts to use their know-how in letting others know about these breathtaking sites.  One doesn’t need to be a professional or an adventurer to show what’s happening in the world around them. 

Skilled in landscape, plan, urban, and wildlife photography, Evan Dombroski will discuss strategies and hacks that he has learned in his many years of being a lensman. In the process, he will share examples of what makes a good photo that fellow photographers can try to emulate in their own projects.  In his projects, Evan aims to present an uncommon perspective that will inspire viewers to look at their environment differently. 

Aside from photography tips, Evan Dombroski will also share on this page his recommendations regarding camera equipment, camera models, and other must-haves.   For him and fellow photographers, cameras, lens, and other equipment are investments that need to be maximized.  But for those working with a budget, there are many DIY hacks that they can use as alternatives for their projects.  According to the long-time shutterbug, the cost of the equipment is not as important if the photographer knows how to use it. 

Newbie photographers are also welcome on this page. Evan Dombroski will discuss the basics of photography and the must-haves for those just getting into the hobby. He will also offer suggestions for those who plan to get a camera that they can use for their personal projects.